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1 What job opportunities are there?

Students can develop their digital abilities by applying for jobs such as SEO executive, SMO specialist, business analyst, digital marketing manager, email marketing specialist, and so on.

2 What modules will be covered?

In general, our institute teaches 34 courses. You can take the complete course or pick and choose what interests you. Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Google Webmaster Tool, Search Engine Algorithms, Local Business Listing, Google Analytics, Content Marketing, Competitors Analysis, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing Fundamentals, Media Buying and Planning, E-commerce Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Optimization Conversion rate, Google Adwords Digital Marketing, Blogging, AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Freelance Pushups, Black Hat Techniques, Search Engine and Social Marketing Parameters, and Remarketing Concepts will be covered in a live practical session.

3 What will the course duration be?

It all depends on the course you choose. We provide courses ranging from a few weeks to 1 year.

4 Why should educational institutions implement digital marketing?

Digital marketing is extremely beneficial to current firms. It allows you to reach a hitherto untapped market of customers. People now constantly look for items and services online first, thanks to the internet. As a result, it is critical to promote your business online through numerous digital marketing strategies. Because it is a thriving industry, mastering digital skills will add value to a student’s curriculum vitae.

5 Who can take this course?

Students (Any Stream), 2. Interns, 3. Management Team, 4. Working professionals, 5. Homemakers