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Every year, we observe new and stunning digital trends that serve as a basis for marketing’s future. Whether it’s a technological advancement like blockchain or 5G, or a new marketing trend like influencer marketing, the way we connect with technology is rapidly changing. We predict that the next few years will bring even more surprises and opportunities for brands, advertisers and publishers alike.

Here are 3 major Digital Marketing future predictions for 2022:­­

Use of AI in marketing: This is the most trending Digital Marketing approach. The world has been discussing how the AI wave will eventually take over every aspect of our lives. The transformation has already begun. Companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon are busy implementing AI into their products. But it is not only software that is taking shape. Healthcare, transportation, banking, travel, defense, education, the environment, and just about every other area of life are showing the signs of digital acceleration.

Use of Voice Search Techniques: Voice search is becoming more accurate, with more languages supported and more devices capable. Amazon saw this possibility early on when it began providing cheaper Kindle devices in exchange for consenting to receive marketing emails. Targeted Alexa ads are already in the works, and additional gadgets will undoubtedly follow.

Micro influencer marketing: With the rise of social media and the decline of traditional mass media, word-of-mouth marketing has never been more important for reaching your target audience. Micro-influencers provide a cost-effective way to reach an audience that is ideal for brands looking to increase brand awareness and generate sales. Marketers are shifting budgets from mass-media advertising to social media influencers in 2022 and beyond.


With so many changes taking place over the past year, it’s more important than ever to be ready for what the new year will bring. As we move ahead, it’s important to choose technology that helps you keep pace with your organization’s future vision and goals.

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